Schott Zwiesel

Wine Glass Schott Zwiesel รุ่น lvento Red

Wine Glass Schott Zwiesel รุ่น lvento Red

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ราคาปกติ 290.00 ฿ THB
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This range is ideal for catering and bistros as well as for use within the home; it is both timeless and functional. It is suitable for occasions of all sizes. This range is extremely ideal for festive banquets and large-scale events. It is frequently used by catering companies, bars and restaurants. This series benefits from the internationally patented Tritan technology which ensures that Ivento is sparklingly brilliant, dishwasher safe and highly resistant to breakage.

The red wine glass from the Schott Zwiesel Ivento range is a great all-round wine glass. It’s perfect for all types of red wine, it’s extremely popular with the hotel and restaurant trade because of the durability.

Description: Machine Made, Tritan Crystal – Internationally patented – brilliant, dishwasher and break resistant. Made in Germany.